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North Star Throwing Bats

(Forever, Iron Star, & Plastic Bats)

Standard production bats are made in several sizes of three different materials:

Forever - Wood product without formaldehyde, 1/4 inch thick. Handles clay like wood or Masonite. Water Resistant, no warping, extremely strong. Will not degrade like particle board. Available in 13" & 15" sizes. Cartons of 10.

Iron Star -  Wood product without formaldehyde, 3/8 inch thick. Handles clay like wood or Masonite. Water Resistant, no warping, extremely strong. Will not degrade like particle board. More expensive but PERMANENT. Available in 13", 15", 18", & 21" sizes. Cartons of 6.

Plastic -  HDPE Plastic 3/8 inch thick, matte finish on both sides to hold and release clay more easily. Available in 13" & 15" sizes. Cartons of 6.

All production bats but one are simple flat circles intended for wheel heads with two batpins. Standard drill is two holes 10 inch center-to-center to fit Brent, new Pacificia, Soldner and many others. Bats can be drilled for any other wheel on request. Their is no extra charge for custom drilling or for no drilling. You specify center-to-center distance and hole size (2 holes only).

The 13 and 15 inch diameters are made in those sizes so that, when used on standard 12 or 14 inch wheel head, 1/2 inch of the bat overhangs  all the way around the wheel head, making it much easier to remove the bat from the wheel without disturbing the thrown piece. No more prying, no more broken fingernails!


The Universal Bat System

The Universal Insert Bat, which saves a great amount of shelf space when making pieces with a small "footprint". The outer bat is 1/2 inch thick medex and the inserts are 1/4 inch thick which fit flush with the top of the outer bat. The inserts in 13 inch bats are 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 inches. Inserts remove easily yet fit snugly enough that the cavity stays free of clay and slurry.


Handy Handle Bats
With these you will always have a hold on your bat!

These handy bats are 8"x8" and have a handle for ease of use. Great for hand building. They work great with your extruder too. For transferring pots, bowl, cups. or what your imagination creates, to be set to dry, trimmed, and glazed.



They can be made of just about any non-metallic material you can think of.
They can usually be made and shipped within ten working days.
They can be any size from 3 to 48 inches in diameter.
They can be drilled any way you can specify.
We guarantee drilling on custom orders.


Care Of Bats
All wood and plastic bats require some care and cleaning.
The life of all wood-derived bats such as Forever and Medex can be extended by taking good care of them.
You should always:
1. Clean them after each use.
2. Reverse them each time you use them.
3. Avoid flexing or bending them when they are wet.

Warped bats can usually be flattened by drying them in a stack with weight on them.
Reversing them each time you use them is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your bats.

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