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North Star Equipment, Inc. was founded by Robert J. Creighton almost 50 years ago. He developed the slab rollers and extruders we still manufacture today. These machines he developed over the years, have provided countless potters and artists the means to shape clay into whatever they can imagine.

If you?re about to buy equipment, you probably have more than one source of supply. If you?re like most of us, you wonder who to deal with and why and where you can get the most for your money?all very valid concerns. For certain things, such as Slab Rollers, Extruders, Throwing Bats, Studio Work Tables, and now The Wedgit! Table. We think North Star Equipment is worthy of your consideration, and we?d like to tell you a little of why that is.

First, we don?t try to sell everything to everybody. We don?t have an 800-page catalog. We?re a small manufacturing company. We make only a very few products and we make only those things we know we can make better than anybody else. Furthermore, we make them in our own facility, on our own machinery and they are ours, not copied. Our products are not made offshore or imported. Also the quality is not sacrificed for profit. This isn?t accidental?it?s a natural outgrowth of an old-fashioned business philosophy that underlies everything we do.

Second, we stand squarely behind what we make - there are no 30-day guarantees at North Star. Our products and methods are good enough to allow that. For instance, Standard series slab rollers, the lighter machines, are guaranteed for life if not used commercially or in a school. Super slab rollers are guaranteed for life, period. We even guarantee the shipping on everything. It arrives at your door in perfect condition or we replace it immediately. You aren?t forced to waste time making a claim with UPS or a freight line. Also, we?ve been around long enough that our guarantees mean something. We?ve been making slab rollers and extruders for more than forty five years

We?d also like you to know this: More than 75% of all orders are shipped within one to two working day and more than 98% are shipped in 7 working days. The last time we bought a competitor?s slab roller (something we do regularly) it took one hundred forty six days to arrive and it was damaged. When we called about the damage?we didn?t identify ourselves?we were told, ?That?s just cosmetic. You can live with it.? These kinds of answers are never given to you the customer from North Star Equipment. We strive to serve our customers needs quickly and with the best care possible.

Finally, we?d like you to know of just a couple more manifestations of our approach to business. We stock repair and replacement parts for every North Star product ever made. That?s something few manufacturers in any field do. Also, we have a high-tech computerized telephone answering system, but if you call during business hours (7 to 5 Pacific time, Monday through Thursday), you?ll never hear it. Your call will be answered by a human being and you?ll get the information you need right then and there.

No matter what we say, however, it's just us talking. Ask your dealer, talk to other potters or search the 'net before you buy.

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